Sonia with patient in Haiti
"Even though many are still living in harsh conditions years after the earthquake in Haiti, this little guy still manages to put on a big smile on his face. His smile makes me proud to be a nurse. I love my job." Port-au-Prince, Haiti March 2012

Sonia with patient in Haiti

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Melanie: Joy
Melanie: "This is a picture from a medical mission trip to Kamakwie, Sierra Leone. This beautiful child is the cousin of one of the very sickest children I cared for there. I call it "Joy." He liked me a lot but I also had candy in my pockets :)"

Melanie: Joy in Sierra Leone

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Kate – Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi
I currently am with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer providing technical support at a malaria research center in Malawi, South Eastern Africa region. I was an ER Nurse in Washington DC prior to my post, assisting nurses, lab techs, and various other staff in developing a quality research center. I work on an in vivo drug efficacy study, evaluating the efficacy of the three antimalarials used in Malawi in under five children. In the photo are myself, and two nurse midwife research colleagues, Orpha Malunga and Georgina Banda.

Kate: Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi

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[caption id="attachment_61" align="aligncenter" width="660"]Liza in Guinea Caring for the poorest of the poor in West Africa.[/caption]
Liza: I'm attaching a photo of me taken during a recent nursing mission trip to Liberia, West Africa with a group called Nurses for the Nations. Hundreds of people traveled on foot for days and even slept on the concrete floor of this church in order to receive some basic nursing care. The kids were the best! This photo was actually taken in the country of Guinea. We had to travel over the border from Liberia to Guinea by motorcycle because the roads were too muddy to naviagte by truck. There was no running water or electricity in any of the villages we visited. It was a pretty challenging environment in which to practice.

Liza in Guinea

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